light fixtures that hang from ceiling, but aren’t overhead…one on each side fo…

light fixtures that hang from ceiling, but aren’t overhead…one on each side for better lighting.

Awesome for Octopus bathroom: Shedd Aquarium octopus lamp.

10+ Betten für Kleinkinder – Montessori-Zimmer – Wine & Mommy Time #betten #kl… , #Betten #für #Kleinkinder

27+ elegante weiße Badezimmer-Ideen, zum Ihres Hauses anzuspornen

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Although it may appear like a fairly easy decision to make, you may discover that it isn’t as simple as you originally thought. Among the factors for that is because all of the options that you will have. When it pertains to buying new cabinets for your bathroom, you will find that you, actually, have an unrestricted number of different alternatives. #smallbathroomremodeling

3 Stunning Cool Ideas: Shabby Chic Kitchen Curtains shabby chic porch window treatments.Shabby Chic Background Colour shabby chic bathroom brown.Shabby Chic Modern Brick Walls.. Follow the style of shabby chic if you love white, soft colours, floral patterns and nostalgic touches… Shabby chic is a romantic style of decoration. The shabby chic style, like a journey through time, is a timeless style, a decoration that never gets old an… #chic

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Frameless glass shower panels and the shower door add to the contemporary feel of the space, and all bathroom fixtures contain a chrome finish with a …, #Add #bathroomdesign #Contemporary #Door

Make it Copenhagen


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