4-piece set of bathroom fittings for rustic industrial pipes: 1 hook, toilet paper holder, 12-inch towel holder and 24-inch towel holder

4-piece bathroom fittings for industrial gas pipes -1/2 pipe fittings were cleaned from manufacturer oil and primed and painted with brown / black structured colors to give them a rustic / rusty look. Black is the outstanding color. – Pine boards were cut, troubled, sanded, stained and coated with 2

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Puk Maxx color filter Top Light

Nimbus frameless recessed ceiling light / masonry installation set with space for converter extra-wa

Oligo Pull-It pendant lamp, transparent, dimmable Oligo

4-piece set of bathroom fittings for industrial rustic pipes: 1 | Etsy

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3-piece set of industrial bathroom fittings for rustic pipes: | Etsy

Ovvio pendant lamp d50

Top Light Puk eye table table lamp, height 37 cm, matt nickel Top Light


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